Carpet Care Derby Are Online!

Carpet Care Derby Are Online!

After not having a website or being involved with in any way, shape or means with social media media for the past 15 years i have decided to take a big step into this century and get Carpet Care Derby online and in front of new, potential clients! I have mainly been receiving work from word of mouth, which is brilliant but im looking to take my advertising that little bit further with a much larger outreach.

My Old Ways Of Adverting

As i mentioned i get a lot of work through word of mouth which i would love to maintain as i believe i must be doing something right for clients to pass on my contact information! I have also spent an absolute fortune with who promised me the world and i received a handful of calls over the period of around 6 years! I have been through a lot of other of these directory style advertising that has never paid off so i was looking for something that would actually give me a return on my investment.

Peer Pressure!

My friends and family have been telling me for years to get a website and to get on Facebook as a main stream of new clients. When i first started out in my Derby carpet cleaning business i believe the internet was relatively new and i used to have cold calls from website maintenance companies saying they can build a website for around £5000! I don’t have that sort of money just laying around and that price has always stuck in my mind! So when i have everybody on me telling me to get a new website thats correctly maintained and my response has always been “i cannot afford it!”.

Keep It Derby… as i always say!

I was having a chat with a client who owns their own plumbing business in Derby about how much money i wasted over the years with Yell and he said he had a website built the previous year by a website maintenance company in Derby business that only charged a couple of hundred quid for a brand new website and he said he loved his new website and generated daily enquiries! After i picked myself up off the floor i got the phone number for SixtyMarketing and got the new website under way using their WordPress website design service by SixtyMarketing to get us online and in front of more potential clients. For the sake of a couple of hundred pounds i thought it was worth a punt. And look what i have got! Thrilled to the moon and back and what makes it even better… it was with a Derby company. I always look to use local businesses!

Here are a few screen shots of my new site that the website designers sent over to me!

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